Welcome to AniarLabs. My Name is Nishant Shrivastava. I have around 11 years of Software Development experience in Microsoft Technologies, SQL Server and Oracle database. I have developed many complex applications, created architecture of the applications, implemented Software Design patterns and SOLID principles, followed best practices of IT industry. While working on large enterprise level and complex applications at times i got stuck in technical issues and searched on internet for their solutions. i have learnt a lot from internet and still learning but now i decided to give back to the community. Though there are already many websites to share articles and codes but i decided to create my own website to share my learning and experience with the community. To see all my tutorials you can go to the Tutorial link and browse all the articles there. My passion for technology led me to learn and create Android Apps in Java and i have few Android Apps in Google Play store. You can see all these Apps in the Android Apps link.

I hope you will have a good time reading my articles and please feel free to provide any suggestions to improve them and if you have any doubts or any issues please get in touch with me. I am happy to help you.